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When it comes to creating truly unique, trouble-free swimming pools, nothing comes close to an Aloha Smart Pool®. Quite frankly, we listened to our customers. They want a beautiful backyard oasis and function without maintenance at an affordable price. For 30 years ALOHA® has provided just that.

Despite our decision to build fewer swimming pools of higher quality and lower maintenance, we’ve become the largest pool builders in Arkansas (there’s probably a reason). Each and every aspect, from conception to your first “cannon ball” is scrutinized for quality, longevity and low maintenance. Only then will it measure up to Aloha Smart Pool® standards.

This means we seek out the finest building materials and test the latest innovations in water filtration systems. Arkansas ground conditions of clay, shale and high water tables require us to go beyond what’s recommended. Our Smart Pool® incorporates more steel, more concrete and more foundation stability techniques. Quite honestly, we want your Aloha Smart Pool® to outlast all of us. (And they will!)

Our high standards have also brought us praise. Through the years, Aloha Pools has won National Design Awards, the Best of Best winner as voted by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette readers and has become the only pool company many of Arkansas “best home builders” and “architects” have come to trust. No wonder ALOHA® is the first choice, in terms of design, workmanship and reliability.